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Mission – 1 billion hours Saving

Internet voice based applications are occupying at every place. Like Echo, Google Assistant. When you ask for play a song to your Mobile, it will play the desired song. OR if you ask it to read a News it will read it out.

In the same category we have our new Mobile application, where your clients will be alerted about their queue status by mobile just by calling “Waitless Number” & clicking on link in SMS received.

Your clients will never have to wait in queue again. Directly they will be coming to get their service at their turn either in hospital/hotel/interview/salon/parlor, extra places where “first come, first serve” process is followed .

First Call, First Serve:


This system helps people to come directly to your service without having to wait for hours.Service Providers who has registered with Waitlessbuzz & having “Waitless Number” like Hospital / Hotel / Estate / Saloon / Parlor and others will be adopting the process of First call, First serve” .By using “Waitless Number“, your clients will be able to save upto 80% of their wait time for their service.

Its just like, getting cricket score updates in Radio, your clients will be getting update on the queue. This is applicable at places, where service providers wants to serve maximum of their clients in a given time, without making them wait.

In a short time, this system is useful for maximum customer service. As per this, the person who has first called your “Waitless number”  will be served first. For customers yet to be served, it will be their Mobile, which will be in waiting mode. As each person service gets finished, their Mobile will give voice update of “how many are waiting” before their turn.

With this process in mind we will be able to eliminate bigger lines, noise and crowds,  thereby making life easier for both service provider & person who stands in that line.

1. It supports any mobile, as process involves calling the number to join a queue.
2. Service Provider can send message to all the people in queue, like late arrival, OR holiday, Paytm details for booking their numbers, Working time, etc.
3. Before booking users can know how many are already in queue.
4. Service Provider can opt for stopping appointment whenever he feels stopping appointments just by calling Waitless number & press 2.
5. It has Dual Language Support for voice updation, as per state they live in.
6. Service provider can choose his day of service like weekends, weekday, timing during registration. The system will work only in those specified days & time.         7. Its the most easiest to use for any layman, as it doesn’t has any download, installation OR any typing to get waitless service in a queue.

Benefits :
1. It makes your clients not to skip your service due to wait time.
2. It makes your service ” Pay for Service & not wait time”.
3. Customers once has came to your service will never go to other service, as it gives live update of queue just by sitting at home.                                                          4. No install, No Download, No Typing for end users OR Service providers. its just only clicks to get your status.

The process to Implement Waitless:

  1. Register to Get Your Waitless Number.
  2. Download Your Process instruction sheet from your Profile page & fix it on Notice board as below.

Notice board for Waitlessbuzz in kannada script
Your clients will not be waiting in queue, from next time on wards with “WaitLess Number”.

Below is Screenshot how it will look, after user calls & click on sms in his smart phone :


At Service provider place, they need to have a set up like this for better service:


select the first Number & click the Delete to get voice update to all users at home.

With most services having “first call, first Serve” & making theirs clients time waste, its high time service providers adopt to “first call, first Serve”  making their clients time at not wasting time in waiting. Thus, we have mission to save 1 billion hour saving in waiting across India. With all businesses going Digital using Internet, its a must in today’s scenario to GO Digital & serve your clients with modern technologies, as most of the people has smartphone.

Waitless Usage Demo Link :

Enter through the login which is received in the SMS (which can be kept as a short cut in the home screen), and in the future, just click on the icon button to get the details of the customers standing in queue.
After the customers visit, select there number and delete it. From this all the patients who is waiting will be updated with a voice message.

For Salon /Parlor :

As the queue system is different at salons, our software also works so as to serve people at salons.

At Salons, counters fields needs to be changed as per number of parallel people you have at your service. If 3 seats are there, then change counters as 3.

With this, there are 7 people already in queue, to 7th person, it displays as people waiting before you is 2.

And as people waiting it becomes 0, it also displays to which counter he has been assigned & how much time he needs to wait. For every 5 minutes, users start getting voice updates before his turn.

Being one of the easiest technology, we are aiming to save 1 billion hours in the waiting line throughout India.
Waitless Posters At Your Service :


Best Practices at salons:
1. If you have 3 seaters, make 2 seaters for waitless & 1 seat for instant people to come & provide waitless services. This way people who wants to come & get served with waiting will be getting served with waiting And regular customers with waitless will get served without waiting & coming directly at their turns.