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Waitlessbuzz User App

This blog helps you introduce the concept of Waitlessbuzz – PWA(Progrssive Webapp / Light Version of App).

Most of the webisites have got Lite version of theirs Apps, like Twitter, Olx, etc.

They are used in below scenarios:
1. No need to search from App store and consumes less memory for installation.
2. Just on click of some link, normally a webapp creation request comes for user.
3. On click of Yes, app Gets install on Laptop/Mobile by itself. In WaitlessBuzz, at 2 places app is getting created.                                       a. On Click of Join-Waitless-queue                                                                b. On enter of useris/password for dashboard.


Steps to create WaitlessBuzz User Webapp:
1. Go to Website and click on Join Waitless queue.
2. Then you will get a request to create webapp as below.
3. Then An App would have got created with symbol ‘W’ on your Mobile.

You can join any queue you can start using this App.

Benefits of this App:
1. When user doesn’t get SMS, he just have to click this app and enter his number against Join_Q.
2. User once enters hi mobile number, no need to enter his number each time, as browser remembers last entered mobile, whenever user clicks on JoinQ.
3. No need to type for user each time.
4. Typically helpful for people who use any of the listed queue often. Patients who would visit more than twice in a month for any hospital can have this APP, as its very useful for them.

Service Provider APP:
This kind of Webapp for service provider also gets created when Partner clicks on Login button.

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